Ugly Duckling – Perfect Match June3, 2019

Thai teen romance television series produced by GMMTV and broadcast on GMM 25.[1] It is based on a series of novels published by Jamsai Publishing, a Thai publisher known for its romantic teen novels,[2] and consists of four segments: “Perfect Match”, “Pity Girl”, “Don’t” and “Boy’s Paradise”.[3][4] Worranit Thawornwongs and Puttichai Kasetsin play the lead roles in the “Perfect Match” segment.[5] The series was popular, and was Thailand’s second-most searched for item in 2015, according to Google. As it continue from perfect match. Alice (Neen Suwanamas) climbed up a tree to take photos,as she took pictures, she saw a handsome boy Aston (Natcha Janthapan) sitting on a bench beneath the tree she climbed. While sneakily taking pictures of him, Aston looked up at her and took her shock,which lead to her falling off the tree. When she woke up after being in a coma, she could not remember anything and came to the realization that she lost her memories. Here comes Fuyu (Nachat Janthapan) he was with her when she went to the hospital. He gave her a journal to write things down and if she can’t remember something,just to look back at it. Alice have two friends which is Chicha (Marie Eugenie LeLay) and Chicha’s boyfriend BM (Techaapaikhun Thitipoom). When school started Aston came back from America, where he originally lives and was determined to get back Alice. What will happen next? Watch to know what happens.



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