Kadenang Ginto June 3, 2019

Romina Andrada (Beauty Gonzalez) is a woman with a golden heart who works as secretary to business tycoon Robert Mondragon (Albert Martinez). Her simple life is shattered after she is raped by an assailant named Alvin Mangubat (Eric Fructuoso) who was hired by Daniela Mondragon (Dimples Romana), Robert’s bitter daughter who is hostile towards Romina.
Daniela succeeds in seducing Carlos Bartolome (Adrian Alandy), Romina’s ex-lover who fails to show up on their wedding. The unexpected betrayal of Carlos lead to the death of Romina’s mother Rosanna Andrada (Eula Valdez) who suffered a massive heart attack right when Carlos came to apologize for not showing up.
After learning that Romina is pregnant with Alvin’s unborn child, Robert offers to marry Romina and be the father of her unborn child despite Daniela’s disapproval.
Romina and Daniela give birth to two beautiful daughters, Cassie and Marga, and the rivalry between the women further escalate. This is a story about who is real and who is fake in a seemingly picture-perfect but feuding family. When Carlos’ father Nicolas (Ronnie Lazaro) almost revealed to Cassie (Francine Diaz) her true identity as Romina’s daughter with Alvin, while defending Marga from their brief intense confrontation, it was stopped by Robert which leads them to have a conflict between the two families.



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